We are well-versed and experienced in family formation and education law because our clients depend on us. We take our responsibility seriously.


We have had personal experiences similar to those of our clients and can honestly say we understand them because we have been in their shoes.


Our commitment and dedication are rooted in our passion to make a difference and open up avenues of hope for our child and family clients.

We are Lawyers. We are Mothers.

As mothers, we understand that despite all the demands of a busy lifestyle, there is nothing more important than family. We understand the dream of becoming a parent. And when we are parents, our children come first. We know you want the very best for your family. We know, because we do too.

Experienced and Competent in Family Formation and Education Law

As lawyers, our team of attorneys at Moore Law for Children have expertise in law affecting children. With extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of family formation and education law, including negotiation, mediation, trials, appeals, file review, legal research, and legal writing, Moore Law for Children, a Professional Corporation, is a powerful ally that is committed to providing competent and compassionate legal representation.

When We Can Assist

If you need a lawyer because you are growing your family through adoption or Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), or if your child needs legal representation in school or in court, we can help.

We practice these specialized areas of law relating to children because it is our passion. We have struggled, just like you. Our personal experiences as parents, combined with our professional experiences as attorneys, make us uniquely qualified to handle legal issues involving children. We pride ourselves on competent, compassionate and committed legal representation.

We serve Southern California, including Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and San Diego County. Our offices are located in Laguna Beach, California.

Let’s Talk About Family

We invite you to schedule an appointment to speak confidentially about challenges that you or your children are facing, as well as your desires for the future. After our initial meeting, we hope you will decide that Moore Law for Children is the best choice to help your family.