Devin Costello, Social Media

Education and Honors

Devin Costello is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. During her studies, Devin has been on the Dean’s Honors list all semesters, is part of the honor’s college, and holds numerous leadership positions. Devin also serves as a Teaching Assistant for younger students in multiple classes.

Devin plans to further her education by attending Law School in Fall of 2020. She is currently studying for the LSAT which she will be taking in the upcoming months.

Passion and Commitment to Law

Devin was raised surrounded by law. Her mother serves as a District Attorney for Orange County and her stepfather is a criminal defense attorney. Before starting work for Moore Law in 2016, Devin was planning on working in the field of architecture and design. However, after working for Moore Law for the past three years, Devin has realized her passion for law and her love of helping clients. This realization has led to her motivation to pursue law school and a law degree.

Message from Devin

Working for Moore Law for Children has been an absolute blessing in my life. The hard work and dedication present at this law firm is inspiring and is why I’ve wanted to stay for three years. Seeing the love that everyone puts into every task has helped shaped my decision in attending law school.

Growing up surrounded by law and my design education has led me to think and solve problems uniquely. I believe my logical and creative sides of my brain give me an advantage when assisting the firm. This ability also makes me extremely passionate for the type of law we practice. I look forward to continuing to learn from and work for such an amazing firm.

Working for Moore Law for Children is an absolute blessing.