Hayden Gubernick, Legal Assistant

Education in Pursuit of Helping Others

Hayden was born and raised in Arizona with her four brothers and large extended family. She graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. Hayden’s sociological coursework had an emphasis in Environmental Sociology, International Social Work, Child Psychology, Modern Social Issues, Political Sociology, Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Social/Cultural Anthropology, Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences, Gender Roles, and Sociology of Education..

Child-Based Non-Profit Experience in Education

Hayden has a background in non-profit work for children specializing in international education for children. Hayden started as a recruiting representative for International Language Programs before being promoted to Lead Representative Supervisor, where she taught international students English. She then went on to become a Head Teacher responsible for overseeing and training other teachers and three classrooms. Her passion for children and education have led her here.

Message from Hayden

I have a passion for children and families. I know the importance of giving children the quality education they are entitled to, in order to open up every door and opportunity possible in their lives. Coming from a loving family that always made sure I got a proper education, I have found that not everyone is so lucky. I am honored to work with Moore Law for Children and to be able to work hard for the families we serve, helping every child get the education they are entitled to.

Hayden Gubernick

I have a passion for children and families.