Assisted Reproduction Technology Law

As assisted reproduction attorneys, or fertility lawyers, we represent intended parents, donors, and surrogates. We prepare and negotiate the necessary contracts between the intended parents and the surrogates, egg donors, sperm donors and embryo donors. In surrogacy cases, we complete the court proceedings necessary to establish parental rights pre-birth. Through review and competent legal drafting of contracts, we work with you to make the process a smooth experience. We will provide referrals for counseling if desired.

Meldie Moore, the founder and director of Moore Law for Children, understands the anxiety and longing this process brings. She personally experienced both loss and success in Assisted Reproduction Technology. We want to help you through this process so it is smooth and does not contribute to the stress of your experience. We would like to answer your questions. So, please call, and let us assist you on this life changing journey. Our greatest joy is to help you achieve your dream of a child.




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Adoption Attorneys We represent both pregnant women making an adoption plan and families hoping to...
Client: Jane Doe - Envato CEO

Fantastic product, my sites all run super fast and the support is excellent!


Limited Conservatorships

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A limited conservatorship is specifically designed for a developmentally disabled child transitioning into adulthood....
Client: John Doe - DB Expert

When he starts work with me, I wasn't sure he can do all my requirements, in a professional way, cus I know my system isn't that easy, it some how like a banking system, with many tiny details, Thanks.

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