School Discipline

Moore Law for Children assists students at all levels, from elementary school through college and graduate school, who are facing disciplinary actions. Education is the cornerstone to a successful future. School discipline, such as suspensions or expulsion, jeopardize that future. An expulsion may be part of the student record forever. This extreme measure may negatively impact college aspirations, scholarship eligibility, and thus affect future employment opportunities. School expulsion proceedings are a very specialized area of law, and there are additional rules and protections that apply to children with special education needs. The process is swift and you will need to act quickly to protect your child’s rights.

Everyone makes mistakes. From them we learn and grow. But when children make mistakes that result in discipline from the school or the courts, it is important to protect their rights in order to protect their future.

Whether your child has special education needs or not, we can help you navigate the discipline systems in both the schools and the courts.

Please meet with us and let us explain the legal process and how we can help you protect your child.


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