Fantastic Attorney

Meldie Moore is a fantastic attorney! I had no idea what questions to ask or what to do for an adoption. I felt so comfortable with her, she walked me through the process step by step. If I had questions throughout it, I could call her up and ask her anything or send her an email and she would always get right back to me. She knows her stuff and told me everything that would happen, what forms I would have to fill out, information that I needed to provide and prepared me for each phase of the adoption. She and her staff were so helpful, kind and always there for me. I am grateful for everything they have done for me. She has made my dream come true!


Excellent Attorney and Advocate

Meldie did tremendous work representing our child in a suit against the local school district. As a parent we never imagined that our child’s school administration would not have their best interest in mind. Meldie was very knowledgeable about the law, best process and best practice. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking excellent legal advise and representation for their child.


IEP, Special Education, IRC Problem

Helped me out at the last minute and I am very thankful for her efforts in assisting me with my legal matter.


Great Adoption Attorney

Meldie handled the adoption of my son, which was an international adoption of a family member. She was very professional, kept us informed every step of the way and made the whole process seem effortless. We are so grateful for her attention to detail. We even were having an issue trying to get our insurance to cover the baby before the adoption and Meldie did the research and provided us the info that they could not deny coverage just because the adoption was not final yet. This saved us from having to additional paperwork to enact a legal guardianship and the associated $2500 that we really didn’t need except for the insurance company. She was such a pleasure to work with.


Excellent Service for OVA Donation Agreement

I recently contracted Meldie Moore for legal advice and representation relating to the OVA donation agreement. She provided excellent legal service by first drafting the standard documents, guiding me though the legal language of the contract, knowledgeably and patiently answering all my questions, and working with me and the other party attorney to update the contract as many times as needed to the point of mutual consent. In addition, Meldie was always accessible and willing to take whatever time needed to assure my questions are answered.
Thanks Meldie.


Son’s Expulsion

Meldie was incredible. Being an owner of a large corporation, I have dealt with 12-15 lawyers over the years. When Meldie stands up in trial, People listen. We received WAY more than the best offer @ plea bargain was willing to give. We had a weak case and I wasn’t optimistic at all. That said , When walking out of the court room all I could say was WOW YOU ARE GOOD!! She is the female version of Tom Cruise in a “Few good men”


Always Available and Very Knowledgeable

As an adoption Social Worker, I have had the pleasure of working with Meldie Moore on numerous adoptions. Many have been complex with many issues to navigate. I have found her to be compassionate, caring, attentive, kind, always available (even on weekends and evenings) and very knowledgeable about adoption law and practice. She is amazing at what she does and would highly recommend her to anyone needing legal representation on an any adoption matter.

Social Worker

Quality Counsel

Our only regret is not engaging Ms Moore sooner than we did. She called it early and correctly. Her legal acumen is top notch. Ms Moore cited law at the crux of the case and her passion for the subject matter took it to another level. She is an indefatigable ally. Through our case and the pursuit of justice under truth and law we also became great friends.


Excellence in Action

We hired Ms. Moore to help us work through a difficult IEP case for our son and we are so glad we did. She is extremely knowledgeable in the field of special education law. She helped us mediate a resolution with the school district that resulted in a successful outcome and gained us the placement we needed for our son. She was accessible throughout the process, thorough in her communications with us and the district, and a truly great advocate. She is professional and assertive yet in a non-confrontational manner. It was very reassuring to us knowing we were working with a competent, compassionate and experienced attorney. Hiring her helped to alleviate much of the stress we were feeling. I would highly recommend Ms. Moore to anyone who is seeking a special education attorney.


Meldie Is Wonderful!

Within a short time frame Meldie took on our case. My child was up against a district transfer among other harsh punishments, and Meldie was able to quickly get us up to speed and kept us informed along the way. She was very professional to us as well as others and was very empathetic to our situation. She was available to answer questions, meet with us, and also met with our child to help ease their nerves with an upcoming board review. My child felt very comfortable with her as well. Meldie was able to negotiate and accomplish a desired result for our child’s well being and had our childs best interest at heart. We feel very fortunate that Meldie was recommended to us as we felt like we needed someone with experience with the school system and laws. She knew her stuff. I would highly recommend Meldie to anyone who’s facing potential unfair punishments upon your child.


Life Changing

Meldie has given both my boys a chance at a better education. We have struggled getting the help we needed for both my boys who have a learning disabilities. It was tough because they appeared to be doing well yet continued to struggle with tests and were reading below grade level. Meldie was able to get compensatory education for both my boys. My older son who was ready to give up is now going to college and my youngest son will now have that same opportunity. I am so grateful to Meldie and her staff for her commitment to my boys and their education.


Made a Difficult Time Easier

We adopted our grandson with Meldie’s help. The situation was difficult and unexpected but Meldie helped walk us though the process, being very patient while answering our many questions.


Meldie Moore Was Absolutely Exceptional

Meldie was exceptional to work with, she was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Meldie truly had our daughter’s best interest at heart.


We Wanted the Best and We Got It

Meldie was recommended to my husband by some of her old co-workers from her district attorney days. I liked her from the moment I met her. Meldie was patient, empathetic, but most importantly, competent in educational law and how to win a case against a school district refusing to provide special education services. My son received a continuing IEP after Meldie was brought onto the case, but before that, the school district had been abrupt and dismissive of my son’s needs. Having her expertise and personality in the game changed the whole dynamic with the district.


Complex Adoption First Rate

My husband and I wanted to adopt my nephew after his mother passed away. It would be his second adoption and there were legal and technical problems that involved working with another state’s bureaucracy as well as with the California system. Meldie Moore researched the problem and was able to work to accomplish exactly what we set out to do. It was a difficult job for her that she made easy for us. Thank you!



Meldie helped our family with a very stressful situation. My son was up for expulsion, and Meldie kept him in school. Great Attorney would recommend her to anyone who is facing the same troubles.


Helped my Wife and I with Some Family Law Documents

Meldie jumped in and helped us through, what was for us, a foreign and stressful process. It was also a very urgent situation and Meldie was one of the only parts of the process we didn’t have to worry about or follow-up on. Very helpful, very responsive, very professional.


Meldie was instrumental to our successful outcome.

She helped us navigate the complicated and totally biased Title IV process, ultimately allowing us to successfully overturn their faulty ruling. She is a compassionate lawyer that really provided invaluable guidance and comfort throughout this painful process.


Amazing Attorney

I would definitely recommend Meldie Moore to anyone in need of an attorney for their child or in family law. I have worked with other attorneys and she is by far the best we have encountered. She is knowledgeable, organized, professional and she cares. That is the best combination when you are going through anything stressful or important. She takes care of every detail so you don’t have to worry about anything big or small. Thank you Meldie!



Meldie helped me with legal issues regarding school policies. She has high confidence and competence that gave me peace of mind in a tough situation. She is very professional and available at every step along the way. If I or a friend were ever in need of legal assistance, I would go straight to her.